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Local walks

Map of walks in the town of Sainte-Ode

This walking map shows the various signposted walking routes in the commune of Sainte-Ode.

On one side of the map, we find the 5 major star routes whose distances vary from 16 to 27 km and which form the permanent circuit "The Path of the Valleys of the Ourthe and Laval", of a total distance of 105 km.

On the other side are the 23 local walks whose distances vary from 3.5 to 11 km.

The card is sold at the price of 8€. There are many places of sale: Municipal administration of Sainte-Ode, Maison du Tourisme du Pays de Bastogne, Proxy Delhaize Lavacherie, Boucherie Ligot and with the Sainte-Ode tourist office at 061/32.88.01 – info@sainte-

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